Three individuals are responsible for the Calicodig web site:

Fred E. Budinger Jr., Calico Project Director, is the acknowledged authority on all aspects of the Calico excavations and artifacts. He supplied the text and photographs that are the foundation of this web site. He became Resident Curator at the Calico Site in 1974 after an early career as a Park Ranger, and in recent years has been the Site Manager for the Bureau of Land Management. Fred has been tireless in promoting and defending the archaeological site and in supervising work on both the Calico excavations and the surface survey of the Lake Manix Lithic Industry. He was instrumental in convincing the Bureau of Land Management to set aside the Calico dig site as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern. He has an M.A. degree in Geological Archaeology from California State University at San Bernardino and is a full-time archaeologist and environmental consultant for the engineering firm, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Theodore Oberlander, Professor Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley, a specialist in desert geomorphology, became convinced of the authenticity of the Calico artifacts in the 1970s based on his experience with natural rock forms in deserts world-wide. He supplemented the text in several areas, scanned and formatted the images, and mounted the text and images on the Calicodig web site.

Dexter Thomas, web site designer, established the foundation through which the web site’s information and interactivity are presented, resolved various technical issues that arose during site development, and transferred audio available in the Media section. As the site is still under development, his work goes on.

We also wish to acknowledge the assistance of of Adella Schroth, Curator of Anthropology of the San Bernardino County Museum, and Dottie Kasper and Yvonne Lipking, whose commitment to the Calico Site extends over decades, and who made direct contributions to this internet site. Above all, we express our gratitude to each and every one of the scores of volunteers who have labored patiently year after year in searing heat, biting cold, and occasionally in winds that must be experienced to be believed, to extricate the Calico artifacts from their concrete-like matrix. Without their valorous work, there would be no artifacts to illustrate and discuss here.

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