The "Calico Cutter"
This web site describes and analyzes the Calico Archaeological Site and the Calico Lithic Industry, which have been controversial since they appear to support the presence of tool-makers in California’s Mojave Desert some 200,000 years ago–nearly twenty times more remote in time than the generally-accepted date for the earliest human arrivals in the Americas.

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* (This Page): Table of Contents
* 2 About this Site: Caution!
* 3 Introduction
* 4 The Setting: The Manix Basin
* 5 Manix Basin Artifact Assemblages
* 6 The Lake Manix Lithic Industry
* 7 The Calico Lithic Industry
* 8 Artifact-Geofact Issues and the Calico Site
* 9 Calico Site Geology and Age Assessments
* 10 Calico Site Stratigraphy
* 11 Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
* 12 Age of the Calico Artifact-Bearing Beds
* 13 How It Began
* 14 Dig Procedure
* 15 The Rock Wren Locality at the Calico Site
* 16 Louis Leakey’s Perspectives on the Calico Site
* 17 References
* 18 Glossary
* 19 Contributors

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